5 May 2021

As part of the course “Video game programming “, students of the Faculty of Computer Science have designed and programmed 2d computer games in JAVA.

Students Mimoza Bahtiri, Behar Deskaj and Eron Bylykbashi have created the game BrickBreaker.

Brickbreaker is programmed with JAVA IN 2D. The game is played with a computer keyboard. The key to this game is to not let the ball fall to the ground.

While controlling the ball up and down, one should try to break as many blocks as possible and not touch the ground.

Racers is a game that was created by students Zenel Bobi and Taulant Fondaj. This game is also programmed in JAVA.

Racers is a game played on a racetrack, where two friends can race against each other.

The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. Characters are selected and commanded via the keyboard.

Pong is a game created in 2D, programmed in JAVA by student Leurit Rama.

This game Simulates a classic tennis game, where two players compete against each other. The game opens through the console and points are earned when the ball touches the bottom of the opponent’s field. The game is played with the arrow keys. The winner is the player who reaches 10 points first.

The student Artan Mehmeti, has created the game Tic-Tac-Toe, which is a 2D game for two people, programmed in JAVA. It is played in a 3 × 3 square matrix.

The player who manages to connect horizontally, vertically or diagonally, 3 of their chosen letter (“O” or “X”) first, is the winner of the game.