Computer Science students realize innovative projects applicable in technology

13 June 2019

As part of the subject “Sensors and Interfaces”, students of the Faculty of Computer Science presented new projects during the summer semester.

These completed projects can be applied to technologies such as Smart Home, Smart City, and automated system management.

Shkëlqim Miftari, who is the teacher of the subject, highly praised the work of his students.

Some of the implemented projects are: Management of panels under atmospheric conditions, Fire alarm systems, Magic Mirror, Use of Raspberry Pi for communication – CryptoTuring, CNC machines through Arduinos, Arduino & RGB Led Strips, Digital Number Display, etc.

For the realization of these projects, students have used equipment such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC, other electronic controllers, other special arduino modules that apply to Smart Home and Smart City technologies as well as other electronic and mechanical elements.