“Bio-psycho-social approach to mental health problems”

Prishtinë: 07.04.2017 - 07.04.2017

Type: Simpoziumi I,


Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Nursing, of AAB College, in collaboration with AAB Institute

The symposium will be a unique experience to discuss scientific findings about different topics related to mental health, and special emphasis will be given to depression and anxiety as the main topics of the International Health Day (WHO). Participants will have the opportunity to discuss different approaches in terms of biological, psychological and social data. This symposium will pay special attention to the promotion of young researchers, creating a platform for their cooperation with researchers from different branches of science.

The symposium will be open to researchers, students and professionals from the fields of health, psychology, sociology and other social disciplines and humanities.

The symposium is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo. Active participants in the Symposium receive 20 points, while passive participants receive 15 points.