CPTI – 2022 summer program on the professional development of staff

4 July 2022

Within the 2022 summer program, for the professional development of staff, CPTI (Center for Professional Training and Innovation), invites all those interested to become part of the professional training that will take place during the month of July 2022, at AAB College.

The trainings will be one-day trainings (09:00-16:00) and will take place on the premises of AAB College campus in Prishtina, while they are free of charge for the staff of AAB College.

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be certified by the CPTI and the Rectorate of AAB.

Certificates are only awarded to participants who complete all program requirements and who attend 100% of the day’s sessions.

In order to be part of the trainings, you must register via this link.

The maximum limit of participants in the training is 24. A candidate cannot register for two trainings for the same date.