Criminalistics Students Of Aab College, Part Of Isrd4 Research Project

10 June 2021

In the framework of the international research project on juvenile delinquency, ISRD4 (The International Self-Report Delinquency Study), students of the Criminalistics program of the Faculty of Law of AAB College are carrying out the survey in various schools in Kosovo municipalities.

This international project is being developed in cooperation with the Association of Criminologists, and Criminologists and Victimologists of Kosovo (ASKK), together with the international partners, University of Applied Sciences Zurich / Institute for Delinquency and Crime Prevention, Switzerland, Northeastern University College of Social Sciences and Humanities from the United States, and HETS-FR School for Social Work.

The ISRD4 project, which is a continuation of the previous three editions of this research, aims to provide early warning about deviant behaviors of juvenile delinquents.

This research is being done on the age group of children from 13 to 17 years old (students from grade 7 to 12th). The students of AAB College who are conducting the field research are being led by Prof. Mensut Ademi.