Cyber Security Conference: Kosovo has the potential and the opportunity to employ 50 citizens in new business technology jobs

12 September 2019

AAB College in partnership with Findbug, the one-day regional conference on cyber security “Hack to Learn, Win and HELP” is being held. As part of this activity, the 5th edition of the “Day when hacking is legal” competition is also being held, which aims to gather security researchers to report security gaps in specific programs.

During the opening of the conference, the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Jusuf Qarkaxhija, said that this conference is of particular importance because it gathers participants not only from Kosovo and the region, but also from a broader range, who will benefit from research and discussions with each other.

“AAB College and the Faculty of Computer Science have become the go-to option for students who wish to study the field in recent years. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the management of this institution, students have had and are having many successes not only domestically but also internationally. Because of the commitment from the hard-working staff, AAB College begins this new year with an accredited “Cyber Security” program, which is rare and in high demand by the youth” said Qarkagjija. 

During this conference, attended by numerous participants from academia, industry giants and many students and cyber security enthusiasts, the Acting Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Government of Kosovo, Muzafer Shala emphasized that the large number of participants in this event proves once again the importance of cyber security.

Minister Shala emphasized that the field of information technology is in high demand and there will soon be a place for 50 thousand professionals in the labor market of this field.

“We are projected to have 50,000 new jobs in the IT sector. For many this may seem like something that cannot be achieved, but in the long run this goal of the Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be realized” said Shala.

The minister stressed that the creation of these 50,000 jobs is not a wish, but it is an obligation that we must fulfill, because we must invest in young people and so that foreign countries can see their potential. In his message, besides educating young people in this field, Minister Shala also emphasized the need to support local companies, which are developing the country and creating new jobs, so as not to leave the young people behind. Go abroad, but also try to bring foreign companies to our country, to exploit this potential we have, he says in his closing statements.

Along with this conference, the fifth edition of the competition “Day when hacking is legal” is being held in the premises of AAB College. The competition is attended by about 30 participants, students of various institutions, high school students and enthusiasts who will compete for the title of “Ethical Hacker of the Year”.