Cyber security expert dr. Maurice Daw Son Jr. from USA to AAB College for a 14 day program

3 March 2023
Cybernetics expert Dr. Maurice Dawson Jr. comes from the USA to AAB College for a 14-day program

Within the framework of the “Fulbright specialist” project where the Faculty of Computer Sciences was selected as a beneficiary, the cyber security expert from the USA, Dr. Maurice Dawson Jr. is going to visit AAB College to hold a seminar, workshop and training for students.

The program will be implemented from April 16-30, 2023, while the purpose of this program is to create cooperation between the academic institutions of Kosovo with experts and professionals from different fields, from the universities of the United States of America.

Dr. Maurice Dawson Jr. is an assistant professor of Information Technology and a member of the Center for Cyber Security Education at the Illinois Institute of Technology. His research has led to areas as diverse as the fight against terrorism, the prevention of human trafficking, and the fight against online extremism.