Debate club of the Faculty of English Language discusses about “Artificial Intelligence” and “Use of English Language in the European Union”

9 June 2023
The Debate Club of the English Language Faculty discusses "Artificial Intelligence" and "The Use of the English Language in the European Union"

The English Language Debate Club has initiated the next activity with the students from this club, where they debated on two very important topics for their generation but also the field they study. The first topic of the Debate Club’s activity was “Artificial Intelligence”, posing questions about it: How does it affect university life; how useful it is for students; can it be a plagiarism tool; should it be allowed in universities etc. After that, the students also spoke about the “Use of the English language in the European Union”, with special emphasis on what can be done by the Faculty of English when it comes to various projects related to the use of the English language, such as to implement them, their results and other important points.

This activity from the Debate Club was moderated by three professors of the Faculty of English Language: Aida Thaqi, Mirsad Suhodolli and Niman Dreshaj.