“Development of the Idea And Preparation of the Business Plan”, first training held within the framework of GEW 2022

18 November 2022

A training was held for the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, thus marking the next activity in the “Global Entrepreneurship Week”. In front of the students of this faculty, Fiknete Balaj, who is the director of Finances at the professional school of information technology “Cacttus”, held a lecture about “Designing the idea and preparing the business plan”.

She talked about the development of the idea and the business plan, mentioning the steps that should be followed for all students who want to be involved in this field. Balaj added that many factors should be taken into account that would influence the creation of a business such as: financial forecasts and business risks, competition analysis, basic marketing concepts, etc.

In the end, the students posed questions to Balaj, regarding the methods she uses as a financial director and about the most frequent problems she has encountered in her duties.