11 April 2020

In the latest discussion organized for students by AAB College, the topic “Commercial Electronic Technology, Online Trade and Online Learning” was addressed.

In this open online discussion with students, the guests were the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College, Prof. Jusuf Qarkaxhija and a professor of this faculty, Arianit Maraj.

They talked about the importance and application of technology in our lives, and the impact it has on facilitating access to online shopping or learning.

“E-Commerce is comprised of three parts: that of distribution of goods, the product and the delivery. Information technology offers all the opportunities for online commerce, but also for online learning. Both of these components are very important and are developing, especially in this pandemic period”, said Mr. Qarkaxhija.

Whereas, Prof. Maraj talked about some recent statistics showing the advantages of technological development in online businesses.

“About 13-15% of sales and purchases in the world are made online today, making such a trend very current and necessary for this period. Many online businesses have developed rapidly, thus increasing the number of employees in order to cope with the situation caused by COVID-19 “, said Mr. Maraj.

Students were active throughout the discussion with questions and comments, as we encourage them to attend lectures across the AAB College online platform.