3 April 2020

As part of the online discussions being organized by AAB College, the advantages and disadvantages that students may have from distance learning were analyzed.

Guests to this discussion were the deputy minister of education, Science and Technology, Prof. Xhavit Rexhaj and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at AAB College, Prof. Hysen Kasumi. The panelists praised the efforts of professors and students to achieve success through distance learning, while adding that the statistics are very encouraging as the active participation of students is very high.

“Online teaching has brought a new relationships and interactions between the three main factors which are: teacher, student and literature. The results have been very positive with online learning; however, I think the narrative style should not be avoided and I believe it is very important to have a link between prior knowledge and subsequent knowledge for students.” said Prof. Rexhaj.

Whereas the Dean, Mr. Kasumi discusses the most advanced distance learning methodologies, pointing out that the use of online platforms creates certain advantages in the learning process.

You can follow the full discussion on AAB College’s facebook.