8 December 2016

The article which opens the newest edition of the Journal Thesis, published by the University Educational Institution AAB, is a translation into English from the original French work of the famous French scholar of the twentieth century, Raymond Aron. It is an interesting study of the voluminous book titled “Stages of sociological thought” on the contribution and the role of well-known 20th century sociologist and positivist, Auguste Comte. Because of the length of this study, it is published in separate editions and will end in the next issue of our Journal.
The Journal consists of two articles in the field of linguistics, “Comparative Analysis of the subject clauses in Albanian and English” by Aida Alla, and “A Brief Overview of prepositions of place and the role of the sign” by Avni Islami.

Three papers in the field of communications follow: Ibrahim Berisha’s paper “Personal Identity and mass culture” addresses the multiplicity of identities at the time of mass culture and media; “Television and the screening of a literary work” is a paper written by Mimoza Doko and Gazmend Abrashi, where the literary work converting into a product for the stage and scene is treated. And again in the field of communications, the author Ervin Goci with his paper “Measuring Audience in Albania – Efforts to institutionalize the process” treates a highly controversial problematics of the field, i.e. audience measurement of the media operators.

The journal continues with the publication of two papers from the field of economics, “Consumer behavior towards loans interest rate in Kosovo” by Gezim Shabani, while the author Malva Govori addresses the situation of Kosovo-Turkey trade exchanges, in a paper entitled “Treatment of Trade in Services under the Free Trade Agreement between Kosovo and Turkey “.

In the field of psychology the paper titled “Bullying among fifth grade pupils and the preventive measures”, is treated by two authors, Armend Mustafa and Gazmend Tahiraj.

The edition of this Journal concludes with an article in architecture entitled “Architecture as an expression of politics – Reflections of the national identity on the embassy buildings: the Berlin Experience”, by Teuta Jashari – Kajtazi.

Prof. Dr. Masar Stavileci,