On behalf of Editorial

12 December 2016

On the 29th and 30th of May 2015, in AAB College in Pristina, was held the First International Scientific Conference organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication- AAB College; Department of Journalism and Communication at the University of Tirana; Ecole Superieure de Journalism – Paris, the oldest school of journalism in the world; and IGAP Business School of Paris.

The purpose of the Conference was to bring together research conducted within Albanian-speaking territories and beyond, which pertain to the field of Mass Communication and Media/Journalism. The aims were to present scientific findings within media research, discuss the challenges and dynamics of the media platform and exchange relevant professional experience and ideas by means of a holistic approach. In extension of this perspective, significant emphasis will be placed on cultural, interethnic, and social challenges as well as transformations and online media that have catalysed within the domains of Mass Communication.

This conference had three research questions:

– What is the role of national, social, ethnic, and cultural identities in media functioning?

– What is the relation between media and national cultures?

– In what ways does the interaction of local and global media influence an ethnic Albanian audience?

Due to this reason, this number of Thesis journal is a thematic number, which includes some papers from this conference. Forty five papers were presented at this conference, but the journal did not include all of them, because some final work failed in double peer review, while others have not sent their works.


Masar Stavileci, kryeredaktor
Hasan Saliu, zv/kryeredaktor