Eminent scholar of communication, Mark Deuze, keynote speaker at AAB’s conference

13 May 2024
Eminent communications scholar Mark Deuze, keynote speaker at the AAB conference

Professor Mark Deuze, who is among the world’s most eminent scientific authorities in the field of media and communications, will be the keynote speaker at the international scientific conference organized by AAB College, titled “Information, media and truth in the post-truth era and artificial intelligence”.

In this conference of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, Deuze will talk about his latest scientific findings included in the book “Life in Media: A Global Introduction to Media Studies”, published months ago by the prestigious American university, MIT.

Mark Deuze is a professor and director of postgraduate studies at the University of Amsterdam, which has been ranked first in the world in the field of communications for several years in a row. His books have been published by the most prestigious publishers in the world, such as: MIT Press, Polity Press, Sage, Amsterdam University Press, etc. Deuze is also a co-author with Denis McQuail in the most monumental work in communication theories, McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory.