“Employee Rights 2023 – challenges and opportunities” conference is held at AAB College

12 December 2023
AAB College hosts the conference "Workers' rights 2023 - challenges and opportunities"

In cooperation with the Qualitative Institute for Research, Analysis and Training (iChat), the Kosovo Initiative for Stability (IKS) and Debate for Peace from Israel, a conference was held at AAB College on “Employee rights 2023 – challenges and opportunities”.

The executive director of iChat Besmir Kokollari, the executive director of IKS Brikena Hoxha, professor Ylber Aliu and Steven Aiello, executive director of “Debate for Peace” from Israel, participated in the conference.

The entire discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities of workers during 2023, with several presentations presenting various statistics, data and reports from workers and the labor market in general.

Participating students had the opportunity to be informed about the labor market, the opportunities available to them and how to approach them.