Ensara Haliti receives full scholarship to study at prestigious university in Scotland

10 June 2024

Ensara Haliti, former student of the Radiology program at the Faculty of Health Sciences at AAB College, at the same time a teaching assistant at this faculty, has marked a big step in continuing to achieve her dreams in the academic aspect.

She’s beneficiary of a full scholarship (Women in STEM from the British Council), at the University of Glasgow in Scotland in the “Public Health” program, being among 15 scholarship girls/women from Europe.

This success of Ensara is followed by her many achievements as a teaching assistant in higher education, co-author of numerous books and papers, participant in international conferences and continuous engagement in organizations important for her professional development.

The results of our students serve as the clearest evidence for the professionals that derive from AAB College. Graduates have a guaranteed future which culminates in the implementation of their dreams.