Entrepreneurs from Gjakova discuss challenges in doing business during the covid-19 pandemic

9 November 2021

As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2021 #gewkosovo2021), the roundtable “Challenges of women entrepreneurs during the pandemic” was organized at AAB College in Gjakova.

The purpose of this roundtable was to identify the challenges of women entrepreneurs and the solutions that have been found to overcome these challenges. Guests at the table were Mrs. Erëza Gjikolli, development supervisor of the Women in Business program from TEB Bank, entrepreneur Mrs. Enisa Dibrani from INOX Kosova and Mrs. Kaltrina Hoda, founder of Zoe’s Art.

Given how the global pandemic has affected our country, and made it difficult for many businesses to function, Ms. Erza Gjikolli from TEB Bank emphasized the policies they have undertaken through the Women in Business program to help not only women who have encountered difficulties but also those who plan to start new businesses (startups).

She talked about the most favorable interest rate loans offered through the program in question, and about applying grace periods for existing and new loans, so that these women entrepreneurs can more easily manage their business.

Enisa Dibrani from INOX Kosova said that the pandemic was not easy for their company, but technological opportunities have made it possible to continue working from home. 

Whereas the other guest, Kaltrina Hoda, said that her business Zoe’s Art, which created sculptures during the pandemic, in addition to the financial difficulties and lack of work with clients, also has difficulties in securing raw work material for her creations. 

At this roundtable discussion, which was appreciated by students and participants, it was said that despite the challenges, women entrepreneurs have managed to overcome the difficulties and succeed. The guests on the panel encouraged the students to work hard and realize the ideas they have for the future.