Erasmus + Prof. Vladislovas Vitkevicius from Lithuania visits AAB College

19 April 2019

Within the framework of the project for the exchange of AAB College’s academic staff with that of the university of Applied Sciences of Lithuania (SMK University of Applied Social Sciences), Professor Vladislovas Vitkevicius held lectures for students of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Public Administration.

During his week of lecturing, Professor Vitkevicious covered topics such as: Business and Human Rights, The Foundations of Laws in Search of Justice, Legal Framework for Business in the European Union, etc.

Professor Vitkevicius said that the students at AAB College saw a tremendous interest in the topics of the lectures. “I am amazed with AAB College. All the students were interested in the topics we discussed. They had an open approach and were very active with their questions during the discussions we had” said Prof. Vitkevicius.

Before his departure, Prof. Vitkevicius, said that a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences will soon come to visit and observe how the teaching process goes in AAB College.