27 October 2020

The Special Representative of the European Union in Kosovo, Mr. Tomáš Szunyog during the meeting with the students of AAB College, spoke about his role as Special Representative in Kosovo and assured the students that he will play a lead role in promoting a stable, peaceful, democratic and multi-ethnic Kosovo, emphasizing the importance of strengthening stability in the region and contributing to regional cooperation and good neighborly relations. The EU Special Representative stressed that he will also promote a Kosovo that is committed to the rule of law, the protection of minorities, and the protection of cultural and religious heritage.

The EU diplomat also said that he supports Kosovo’s goals and rapprochement with the EU in accordance with the region’s goals and the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

In an interactive conversation with students, Szunyog also discussed global politics, relations between different countries in the world, and what impact the policies and relations of other countries can have in Kosovo.

Undoubtedly, the most challenging topic was visa liberalization for Kosovo but there were also questions related to the Special Court in The Hague, and the consequences of it for the state of Kosovo, constitutional changes that became a ‘hot’ topic these days, the recognition of Kosovo by Israel , the EU’s non-support for the opening of the Kosovo Embassy in Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv, and many other questions important to students.

The message of the ambassador in this meeting was that the development of our country, our progress towards the EU, towards the UN depends on us. “It is in your hands! No one can force you to act, or sign something that is not in your best interest!” What should also be emphasized is the positivity of Ambassador Szunyog and his hope that everything will go well if we are ready to help ourselves and our country in these very challenging and long processes.

Prior to meeting the students, Mr. Tomáš SZUNYOG, accompanied by Prof. Nexhmedin Spahiu, was received by the Vice Rector, Prof. Ass. Dr. Shemsedin Vehapi and the vice-rector for cooperation and international relations, Prof. Ass. Dr. Venera Llunji, on which occasion Special Representative Szunyog was informed about the history of AAB College, the development and progress made, the conditions in which students study, their advantages as students in this college, student life and the challenges faced by young people today of Kosovo.