22 April 2020

In today’s online discussion with students, organized by AAB College, the topic “Challenges of the medical system in the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic and possible spread” was addressed.

Invited were the Director of the Radiology Clinic at UCCK, Mr. Sc. Dr. Bujar Gjikolli and the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at AAB College, Dr. Sc. Astrit Kuçi. They revealed to the students all the work being done by the Kosovo medical staff and the ongoing efforts to treat patients with COVID-19 and also those who are generally ill.

The panelists made a number of requests for citizens, urging them to follow the guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19, so that medical staff can more easily meet the demands and needs of patients. They assessed that the medical staff are the real heroes in dealing with this situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as they are willing to risk their lives, and in no way will they allow patients to be left without the necessary services.

In this live discussion with the students of AAB College, it was also talked about the last surgical intervention in the placement of the retriever stent in the brain, realized for the first time in Kosovo by Mr. Sc. Dr. Bujar Gjikolli.

“Really, the moment a blood vessel closes, the blood circulation doesn’t go to that part of the brain, and that part of the brain starts to suffer without oxygen, food and dies. This means that we must unclog the blood vessel as soon as possible because there is the risk that it will spread to a larger part of the brain, which through our successful surgical intervention, we did.” said Dr. Gjikolli.

Whereas, Prof. Kuçi, shared some good news for all the young people who are expected to join the studies at AAB College and those who are already part of the College.

“We have some very good news for all students who want to study in the field of medical sciences. We plan to provide dental and radiological services for 24h within AAB College, using all the space possible. Very soon you will see this plan which is being implemented and then all students will be able to give their contribution during their studies at AAB “, said Dr. Kuci.

You can follow the full discussion on Facebook at AAB College.