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In accordance with the importance and popularity of cyber security education, AAB College has expanded its study curriculum and updated the Faculty of Computer Science with programs that meet current and future requirements related to cyber security issues.

We have a long-standing tradition and successful history with highly qualified graduates in the field of Information Technology. Today’s engineers are required to solve complex problems, so specializations are needed in specific areas of the profession. The Faculty of Computer Science has integrated a combination of interdisciplinary fields with specialized studies in the selected profile for each program; Software Engineering, Communication Networks, and most recently the professional Cyber Security program.

It is worth mentioning that the Cyber Security program is the first program of its kind accredited in Kosovo. This program aims to provide students with professional competence to enable them to unrestrictedly practice their professions in the relevant field. The idea of the program is to equip students with knowledge of databases, cyber-attacks and the measures that need to be taken to protect against these attacks.

The Cyber Security Study program at the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College is a professional program that prepares students for the job market, so that they can more easily find employment.


The mission of the Cyber Security Center is to provide continuing education for the next generation of online security leaders for our country and for the entire region. This center will have the mission of transforming life by providing a sustainable education on cyber security, while maintaining AAB College’s high quality, which has thus far shown to prepare students for career success, strengthen the regional workforce and enrich our community.


The Cyber Security Center will be a leader in the development of applied and innovative education in online data security that provides superior preparation for student success.


From engaging with the community on complex online security issues to participating in innovative projects, AAB College students will not only have the opportunity to gain knowledge about online data security, but will also have access to one of the most prominent databases in Kosovo for online security education.

Cooperation with renowned institutes and universities in the US and Europe will be the primary goal of the Cyber Security Center. Through these international collaborations, the aim is to exchange knowledge, and access common data to analyze the risks that may threaten our online data.

The Cyber Security Center will also serve as a national model for excellence in online security education. Our innovative Curriculum in Computer Science at AAB College, as well as the community extension and educational initiatives will also receive attention in the region. Innovative project ideas, such as “Cyber Security Challenges in Developing Countries; case study Kosovo”; “Security and Privacy Challenges in Ad-Hoc Networks”, projects supported by AAB College, the US Embassy in Kosovo and the Fulbright Program will make this center very attractive and professional in addition to other ongoing projects.

The agreement with Capitol Technology University, which just recently received the “National Award for the best cyber security program” (i.e. 25 February 2020), will enable the creation of professional laboratories for cyber security and offer exchange of students and staff. This and other agreements of this kind both at present and in the future make us unique in this area in Kosovo and beyond.

Dr. Arianit Maraj
Director of Cybersecurity Center

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