The Faculty of Dentistry offers a six-year contemporary curriculum with 360 credits, which is based on the European Union’s higher education directives. The curriculum of this faculty for the first time in the Republic of Kosovo and the region offers simulated electronic teaching of different fields of dentistry through the incorporation of computer science and electronic evaluation through the computer program.

In the first three years of the pre-clinical study, students will learn the subject of the Health Information System, where they will be able to electronically record the anamnestic, diagnostic, treatment and recovery of the patient as well as the preservation of the patient and the data in the database.

While in the next three years, students will learn the clinical part which works and is practiced directly in patients at specialist clinics within AAB College, where students will be given access to the most modern equipment such as: laser for the removal of solid tissues, laser for soft tissue removal, CAD/CAM system that enables digital metering and intercommunication, digital milling where the preparation of ad hoc of artificial tooth is done, 3d scanning devices, digital retro alveolar devices, multiple implant systems as well as the latest generation fillings, endodontic microsurgical work with endodontic microscopy, as well as all procedures with endodontic manual and machine tools.

Also through the electronic library of AAB College, students will be able to access the literature, journals and various scientific works in the field of Dentistry. In addition to local staff, a part of foreign teachers from different European countries of all fields of dentistry will work with these students.

For the exchange of academic staff and students, exchange of knowledge and practical work, the Faculty of Dentistry has signed several inter-institutional cooperation agreements such as: Prishtina University Hospital Center (SHSUK), “Mother Teresa” University Hospital Centerin Tirana, with several university centers in Turkey, and in the near future with university centers in Austria, Germany etc.
At the end of the studies, students will be able to work in the public and private sectors for the healing of various diseases and disorders of Oral Health, and will also be able to practice the dentist’s profession abroad in Europe or elsewhere.


Astrit Kuçi

Responsible person for the program

Astrit Kuçi was born in Prishtina on April 8, 1975. He completed his primary and secondary education in Prishtina. He finished his university studies at the Faculty of Medicine, department of Dentistry, at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, his doctoral studies in 2003, and his specialist academic studies in the field of dentistry, department of diseases of the tooth with endodontics in 2008.

Mr. Kuçi is the first in Kosovo to use a stereomicroscope in scientific dental research. He is the author and co-author of several scientific papers, such as: “Determining the length of the tooth root, with three different apex locators”, which he has defended at the Endodontic Symposium held in Turkey; “The impact of coronary restoration on the apical periodontium on endodontically treated teeth”, while in the German magazine, “Oralprophylaxe Kinderzahneheikunde”, he is co-author of the paper “Early Childhood Cariesecc in Children in Kosovo – Preventive perspective” (2010), co-author of the paper “The panoramic radiographs interpretation of endodontically treated teeth in Kosovo population”, which he has defended at the European Congress of Radiology, Dentomaxillo-Faciale in Turkey. He has participated in many workshops, symposia and congresses at home and abroad, such as in the USA, Australia, etc.

He completed his doctoral studies at the Medical University of Tirana (2013), and completed his research work at “Gazi” University in Ankara, Turkey. He is also a member of the Steering Council of the Chamber of Dentists of the Republic of Kosovo.

He published parts of his doctoral research in the “Journal of Endodontic” in the United States.

He is currently conducting some scientific research in the professional field, which are soon expected to be published.