Foreign Languages

The mission of the Faculty of Foreign Languages is to equip students with advanced and specialized knowledge, skills, and competences in foreign languages, aligning with contemporary career trends and future professional developments. Additionally, the faculty prepares students for doctoral studies in Linguistics, Literature, and other related disciplines.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College offers two comprehensive programs: Bachelor and Master degrees in English Language, and a Bachelor degree in German Language. These programs provide curricula tailored to meet the evolving demands and needs of today’s society. Mastery of foreign languages, coupled with their scientific and professional study, opens numerous employment opportunities both within Kosovo and internationally, enabling students to contribute to global institutions and companies. This potential is further enhanced by the visa-free mobility of the population and the expansion of international contacts, facilitating Kosovo’s integration into the European framework.

The programs at the Faculty of Foreign Languages are designed with these orientations: scientific (BA and MA in English) and professional (BA in German), seamlessly integrated with supervised practical work. The English and German language profiles are developed through a philological progression, ensuring a thorough academic foundation.

Through the diverse courses offered in these two majors, students cultivate problem-solving competencies and advanced communication skills, which are applicable across a broad spectrum of careers and significantly enhance their employment prospects.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB is located at the Pristina Campus.

Academic staff