Bachelor studies for radiology technicians enable vocational training with the aim of creating a competent expert for work in medicine, dentistry and veterinary in public and private institutions as part of specialized services. It includes equipment work with radiological diagnostic and radiation therapeutic services, radiopharmaceutical scintigraphic apparatus for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, as well as in radiology interventions.

Being a field influenced by scientific and technological achievements, radiology is a dynamic field of medicine, which is constantly growing and digitized.

The purpose of these studies is to achieve theoretical and practical knowledge to be used in the routine application of diagnostic and therapeutic ionizing and non-ionizing imaging methods.

The curriculum of accredited researches for radiology in AAB is contemporary, interesting, varied and intertwined between knowledge of body anatomy and physiology, physics, imaging techniques currently in routine use in contemporary medicine, knowledge on the use of computers and practical work with these devices.

AAB is the only educational institution in the region and beyond that in the classroom for radiology technicians has installed the functional x-ray apparatus dedicated solely for the purpose of practical training for its students.

AAB provides students of radiology technicians modern training opportunities and the creation of skilled experts at home and abroad to work with all the imaging techniques in everyday practice.

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