21 December 2020

Improving cooperation between each other, practicing and increasing knowledge to find solutions to various problems in the field of ICT, effective communication of concepts, opportunities and solutions, use and application of various sensors, but also discussions of developments, achievements and innovations in technology, were some of the topics of the one-day workshop with sophomores of the Faculty of Computer Science held in the premises of AAB College.

Part of this workshop were a variety of tasks from the subjects: “Digital Circuits”, “Programming in Java” and “Computer Networks”.

The organizer of this activity, Valdete Daku, said that the analysis and practical development of projects in real time by students is the most effective method of expanding their knowledge.

“When students take part in open workshops, are directly faced with various problems in their field, which they then analyze for solutions, and interact with each other and cooperate in groups, the results are always astounding.” said Daku.

According to her, the purpose of the workshop was to provide a work environment slightly different from the normal academic one, during which students have space to learn from each other, to discuss new ideas, different ways of solving problems, to socialize and learn more together.

This event was considered very helpful by the students. They expressed their satisfaction with the activity, emphasizing that this form of direct confrontation with practical problems from the field they are interested in and the exchange of experiences and ideas are extremely important for professional development.