Faculty of Economics and Institute for Internal Audit and Control organized lecture for AAB College students

24 May 2022

The Faculty of Economics of AAB College in cooperation with the Institute for Internal Audit and Control held a lecture for Master level students of the Faculty of Economics, where the topic of discussion was “Internal and external audit, and the role of audit in effective and adequate financial governance and management.” Panelists at this event were Dean Ass. Prof. Medain Hashani, Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilir Rexhepi and Ass. Dr. Fëllanzë Pula from AAB College. Whereas, panelists from the institute were Mirlinda Kadriu-Ahmeti, director of the Institute and Shukrije Morina, member of the Board of the Institute.

The topics that were discussed during this lecture were financial reporting, financial reporting and auditing standards, reliability of audit reports, how to proceed with a case which is considered by auditors to be fraudulent, the link between internal and external audit, and the provision of expertise during performance audits such as contract management, audits in the field of health and IT, etc.

The students had the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of knowledge by the panelists regarding the audit, both from the theoretical-procedural aspect and from the practical aspect. This lecture was considered fruitful by the students as it was an opportunity to intertwine theoretical and practical knowledge.