Faculty of Nursing held informative roundtable for International Cancer Day

6 February 2018

On International Cancer Day, the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College organized an informative roundtable with the motto “I can, we can” – this because February 4th, is the only initiative where the whole world can join in the fight against the global epidemic of cancer.

The purpose of this roundtable was to educate and inform individuals and communities on the connection between lifestyle and cancer risk, also to spread appropriate knowledge about fighting this global disease.

To discuss the risk factors that contribute to the development of cancer, guests at this roundtable were: Dean of the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College, representatives of the Ministry of Health, Infectious Diseases and the Debating-Research Group of Nursing students.

Dean of the Faculty, prof. Idriz Sopjani, said that because the global cancer epidemic is large and is growing, cancer losses could be saved every year if decisive measures are taken.

“Increased awareness of the signs and symptoms, as well as the importance of timely treatment, has shown that there are improvements in cancer survival. Therefore, early detection of cancer almost always makes treatment easier “, said the dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Idriz Sopjani. He emphasized that AAB College, specifically the Faculty of Nursing, aims to continue to promote and advance any problem in the field of health, including the organization of debates on important health and psychological topics.

Whereas, prof. Ilir Kurteshi said that until cancer awareness is improved globally, as well as the necessary actions are taken to prevent and treat this disease, millions of people around the world will lose the battle to this disease.

After answering numerous questions from students about this disease, attendees urged not to ignore the possible symptoms of this disease.