Faculty of Nursing of AAB College marks International Kidney Day

10 March 2018

Marking International Kidney Day, the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College, held an informative roundtable discussion on the importance and information on the risks that affect kidney damage.

Given that this year International Kidney Day corresponded to March 8th on Women’s Day, special emphasis in this activity was paid to women’s health care, as well as early detection of kidney disease.

In order to raise awareness in students to early detection of kidney disease, students of the Faculty of Nursing had the opportunity to be informed by Prof. Dr. Shkelzen Elezaj, a specialist in this field, who said that prevention is the best chance to maintain kidney function, as blood pressure control, and diabetes can reduce the potential for progressive kidney damage.

While the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Idriz Sopjani, said that in order to have a smaller number of new cases we must insist, making every possible effort to educate and increase the level of awareness.