Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports of AAB College organizes futsal tournament

12 May 2022

The Futsal graduation tournament took place within the premises of AAB College, attended by representatives from several schools in the country. The schools that made it to the finals were High School of Medicine “Resonance” from Prishtina and Gymnasium “Andrea Durrsaku” from Kamenica. After a close back-and-forth game, The Gymnasium “Andrea Durrsaku” from Kamenica won the competition. At the end of the tournament, the rewards were handed out to the top 3 winners.

The awards for the winners were as follows:

First place: 1000 euros, trophy, recognition awards, and medals

Second place: 500 euros, recognition awards, and medals

Third place: full scholarships, recognition awards, and medals

The Faculty of Physical Education of AAB College organizes many tournaments in the country in order to support talented athletes.