Faculty of Public Administration organizes lecture with prof. Abit Hoxha

17 January 2022

Lecturer and scientific researcher, prof. Abit Hoxha from the University of Agder in Norway, gave a lecture for students of the Faculty of Public Administration on “The role of the media in negotiations and diplomacy.”

The professor highlighted issues that extend from the sub-Saharan region (Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), the Middle East (Israel, Palestine and Syria) as well as the Balkans (Kosovo and Northern Macedonia).

Special emphasis in the discussion was given to agreements known as Geneva II Negotiations – Syria through which efforts were made to achieve a stabilization of the Syrian country but did not come to fruition as a process. Arusha / RDC, Uganda and Rwanda (2006-2009) agreements signed by 11 Central and East African countries with a commitment not to invade neighbors and the role of the media which reported with great difficulty because there was limited access to the necessary tools to do so. The Brussels agreements on the issue of resolving the Kosovo-Serbia conflict were also discussed.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Abit Hoxha answered the numerous questions of the students.