Faculty of Social Sciences organizes discussion panel on Achievements and Challenges of Preschool Institutions in Kosovo

26 May 2022

“Achievements and challenges of preschool institutions in Kosovo”, was the topic of the panel organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences, where participants were the academic staff and students of this faculty.

Part of the panel were Prof. Saranda Shatri, Mrs. Gëzime Rexhepi Çollaku in the capacity of President of the Association of Private Preschool Institutions and director of IP “Bardha”, Mrs. Sadete Bucolli Gërbeshi, director of IP “Garden of Dreams”, Mrs. Selvigone Jasiqi Hoxha – director of IP “Dija -S” and Mrs. Njomza Bajrami – director of IP “Kopshti Dua”.

The meeting was opened by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Saranda Shatri, who thanked the panel participants and attendees and spoke about the purpose and importance of addressing such a topic. Mrs. Gëzime Rexhepi-Çollaku spoke about the tireless work done by educators at preschool institutions. She explained the support that educators give children, but also about their cooperation with parents for the sole purpose of increasing the performance of children and also the quality of education. During the discussion, it was mentioned that education in early childhood should become compulsory.

Students had the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of knowledge by panelists on the challenges of preschool institutions from a practical point of view.