Finnish Ambassador H.E Matti Nissinen delivered a lecture for AAB College students

10 December 2022

“Finland’s foreign policy” was the topic of the lecture that the Finnish Ambassador H.E Matti Nissinen held for the students of AAB College. The many similarities between the constitution of Finland and that of Kosovo and country challenges of both countries were some of the reasons that the Finnish Ambassador was in front of the students of AAB College in this lecture. Mr. Nissinen said that he is very impressed by the reception and interest of the students for this lecture, while he explained in detail the development of Finland from the history of this country to today’s perspectives. Independence, the difference between political parties, the many difficulties, were just some of the topics that the Ambassador discussed with the students.

In the end, he answered the questions of the students of AAB College, regarding the problems that minorities have in Finland, the way Finnish politics and diplomacy are developed in other countries.