Former AAB College student shows his business success at Global Entrepreneurship Week

17 November 2022

For the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, who want to succeed in entrepreneurship, during the global week from this field, former students who have had numerous successes in their careers are also invited.

Ferit Kuleta, owner of the flight agency “PrishtinaSKY”, told the students of AAB College how he started the idea for this business and all the steps he followed until he had huge profits, but all this thanks to his commitment and lessons which he received during his studies at AAB College. He said that during his studies he had learned things that he could put into practice and this was the greatest help that could be offered to him by AAB College.

The students had questions for Kuleta about the advantages and disadvantages he had since he started his career as an entrepreneur, while they also enjoyed his story full of different confessions.