27 October 2020

Former US Congressman Jerry Weller, discussed the presidential elections in America, the electoral process, and the importance of these elections for Kosovo, in front of an AAB College student audience.

Weller, in this jointly organized meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, praised the work of AAB College, while discussing key topics related to the presidential election in the United States.

“It is a pleasure to be here again at AAB College. I had the chance to visit the students, the College, and the directors, it is a wonderful institution. As far as I know, AAB College has been operating for 18 years and has continued to grow and expand its programs.”

While speaking about the US presidential election, former Congressman Weller said that there is high interest and willingness from American voters, adding that over 60 million Americans have already voted by mail or physically; this represents over a third of registered American voters.

Regarding the differences between the candidates, according to Weller, Biden is much more popular and currently leads in the polls, even in the states which Donald Trump had won in the previous elections.

Weller served as a Republican member of Congress from 1995-2009.

You can watch the full video of the lecture here: