Former US Congressman Jerry Weller: “An Ideal Salesman Doesn’t Need Proper Use”

12 February 2020

Former US congressman Jerry Weller lectured AAB College students on current American politics.

At the beginning of the lecture, the rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, told the students that he felt different because this speech was dedicated to a person coming from a special place. “America, the country that protected us in 1999 from the humanitarian catastrophe, known for its economic development and above all for being a temple of democracy. We feel honored to have a lecture from Mr. Weller about the current political development in the US, “said Demjaha.

Mr. Jerry Weller spoke about his experience in the US Congress and about US policy implementation.

“You have to know I’m a free trader. When I was in congress, I was very active and promoted bilateral and multilateral agreements between the United States and our trading partners. The challenge for our founders at the time was how to strike a balance in shaping the US and coexistence for all who want to be part of and want to be treated equally. “

The students were very active with their questions and mainly related their questions to the 100% tax that Kosovo has imposed on the Serbian state.

“Of course, in an ideal country there are no trade barriers, so ideally there is no need for tariffs and you know that Kosovo is an independent country and deserves recognition as an independent country. In principle, half of the world and nations have so far formally recognized Kosovo as an independent country that establishes diplomatic relations. Unfortunately, there is a policy in Serbia, which has worked against the recognition process of Kosovo and frankly holds Kosovo back in many ways both objective and economical, as it creates less security” said Weller.