Four students win the “Masar Stavileci” award on World Book Day

23 April 2022

Today at AAB College was held the award ceremony “Masar Stavileci”, in the framework of April 23, World Book Day. This award, established by AAB College, is awarded annually to students who have been the most regular readers at the AAB University Library. The “Masar Stavileci” award was established in 2018, in honor of the first Rector of AAB College, Prof. Dr. Masar Stavileci.

Winners of this award for this year are Arba Pantina, Gresa Hoxha, Denusha Kadriu and Qëndrim Qerimi.

At the award ceremony, the director of the AAB University Library, Urim Sallauka, congratulated the award winners and said that the library is the most important place of the College. While, the award winners thanked AAB College and thanked for the award, saying that from now on they will visit the Library even more often.