‘’From Dilemmas To The Results Of A Scientific Research. How To Answer Research Questions’’ Was The Topic Discussed In AAB Summer Project

2 July 2021

The following activity within the AAB Summer Project, which has gathered students from the Faculties of Psychology, Computer Science and Mass Communication, brought a thematic lecture to the best professors in scientific research work such as: Fitim Uka, PhD, Shpend Voca, PhD and Arian Musliu, PhD cand.

Characteristics of cross-sectional studies suitable for descriptive analysis and simple linear analysis, was the topic for which Arian Musliu lectured. Among other things, he stressed the possibility of cross-sectional studies in Kosovo based on the fact that we are a developing country in the center of the Balkans (EU) with a very young average age.

While Shpend Voca addressed the topic of P-hacking, which according to him the total value of p, in the process of statistical analysis is manipulated in an unfair way. In terms of analysis, a parallel has been drawn between SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) and Studios R and Mplus. These two softwares, like the latest trends used for statistical analysis have some advantages because they offer deeper analysis than can be provided with SPSS.

Whereas, prof. Fitim Uka has also shared his own experiences from research work to make more accurate measurements knowing that definitions in the field of psychology may vary among themselves and not all can be answered with a single scientific method.

This session was moderated by Vice Dean Mimoza Kamberi, who also led the discussion between students and panelists, and at the very end the next activity within this project was announced, which will be held on July 9, 2021.