Gentiana Uruqi elected president of the AAB Student Union

8 February 2020

Following a transparent, student-led electoral process, the new AAB College Student Union presidency was elected.

Representatives elected by all faculties in all three branches of AAB College, at the constitutive meeting held on February 06, 2020, elected the leaders of this independent body, which will have a two-year term.

At the head of the AAB Student Union for the next two years, will be student Gentiana Uruqi of the Faculty of Public Administration. The Union has also elected Vice Presidents for all three branches: Rinor Murati from the Faculty of English was elected Vice President for Prishtina, Erëza Selimi from the Faculty of Social Sciences was elected Vice President in the Ferizaj branch and Diellza Hakaj from the Faculty of English, was elected vice president for the Gjakova branch.

The current president of the AAB College Students’ Union, Flaka Vitaku, congratulated all elected student representatives, reminding them that this is an additional responsibility for them. “For me it has been a privilege and a responsibility. I will remember this period as a beautiful journey and unforgettable experience. “

While newly elected president Gentiana Uruqi thanked all colleagues who voted and said that as a Union we will work hard to rise further and be leaders just like AAB College is in our countries higher education.

The AAB College Student Union will have 22 members, representing all academic units. It is worth noting that this time again the voting process for student elections was special because it was conducted online and the voting results were displayed in real time throughout the process.