“Getting to know one another through English language” project between the students of AAB College and “Western Galilee College” successfully ends

12 January 2023
Faculty of English at AAB College in cooperation with Western Galilee College from Israel do a project together.

Under the guidance of the professor of the English Language Faculty of AAB College, Eriona Ajvazi and the professor of “Western Galilee College” Israel, Samia Said, the project that included weekly lectures between the students of the two educational institutions has been successfully completed.

These lectures were intended to inspire students through interaction with two different cultures, thus turning the experience into a learning opportunity. Among other things, the project offered the development of multicultural knowledge and skills, but above all serving as a bridge between the two countries.

The participating parties were grateful for the cooperation so far, while they agreed that this project will continue in the next semester of the academic year.