GEW2022 – Another activity held at AAB College campus in Ferizaj

16 November 2022

The activities within the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week have continued, this time at AAB College campus in Ferizaj, where the entrepreneur Betim Çerkini, a former student of AAB College, told the students about the role of this week at a discussion table.

Çerkini, who leads the “Ex Project” which is an explosives factory, accompanied by the dean of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, Medain Hashani, was open to discuss with the students what initiatives they can undertake in the future to be successful. He said that the fact that he studied at the Faculty of Economics of the AAB College played an important role in achieving success in his career, helping him to develop his business from a trader to a producer.

The students posed questions about the challenges that Çerkini had encountered along his path and the steps that must be taken to be successful in entrepreneurship.