Global Entrepreneurship Week at AAB College closes

22 November 2022

The Global Entrepreneurship Week at AAB College has concluded its work with many activities, thus marking a very successful week with various results.

In the closing activities, a panel debate held on the topic: “Challenges of entrepreneurs during the inflation phase in Kosovo”, where representatives from private enterprises and institutional actors participated. The opening of this panel was made by the dean of the Economics Faculty of AAB College, Medain Hashani, emphasizing that this will be an opportunity to exchange different opinions and experiences.

The executive director of Viva Fresh Logistic, Xhevdet Rexhepi, disclosed the challenges and problems encountered as an enterprise in the inflation phase, saying that in such cases support should not be lacking from institutions or other partners.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the municipality of Mitrovica, Bedri Hamza, spoke about the latest economic developments in the country, along with the measures taken by the government to help citizens and businesses overcome the global inflation crisis.

The Faculty of Economics concluded the GEW2022 activities with the debate “The impact of labor force migration on business activity. Are wages increasing in the private sector?”. Part of this panel were Berat Mustafa, CEO of Kompania Fluidi, as well as representatives from the production sector, Esad Islami, representatives from the Gastronomy sector and the professor of the Faculty of Economics, Roberta Bajrami.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week, which was held at AAB College, allowed dozens of successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences, either with students or with expert panels, believing in reflection for the further improvement of the situation in this field.