“Guest speaker” month begins at AAB College, entrepreneur Gazmend Selmani delivers lecture to the students

6 December 2022

“Guest Speaker” months has begun at AAB College, where the first guest was Gazmend Selmani, founder of IBAS & PBC Group.

Selmani, with a lecture for the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, spoke about his experience as an entrepreneur and the establishment of the IBAS & PBC Group companies, which are already well-known in the international market. He added that students should be constantly engaged and persistent, as according to him they can achieve even more success than the big companies in the country.

The month of “Guest Speaker” is expected to bring important personalities to AAB College, such as people with influence in business, politics or any other field, in order to bring their story and share it with the students of AAB College.