“Hajredin Bej Cakrani – Memories of a company” And “Kadri Cakrani – the truths of my war” are promoted

9 December 2023

In the Chamber Theater of AAB College, two books that bring the memories, manuscripts and history of two patriots Hajredin Bej Cakrani and Kadri Cakrani, published by the descendant of this heroic family, Kujtim Cakrani, have been promoted. During the promotion ceremony, moderated by professor Nexhmedin Spahiu, two historians from Albania, Sazan Guri and Kastriot Bimo, also participated.

Professor Nexhmedin Spahiu said that the contribution of Hajredin Bej Cakrani and Kadri Cakrani until the independence of Albania in 1912 is indisputable, adding that these experiences and historical events were in danger of remaining in the drawer if they had not been brought out by Kujtim Cakrani. Spahiu said that all the stories presented in the book shed light on an important period, which includes key phases of Albanian history. Both historians put on a pedestal the importance of these books which bring the legacy of the manuscripts of two great patriots that Albania had, which could be lost if they were not renewed by their successor Kujtim Cakrani. The latter thanked those present who were many and added that the promotion of books is being carried out in Kosovo because of the connection his family had with the heroes and patriots from our country.

He said he hopes that this book will be a reflection of everyone on the national issue.