Implementation of the project “EU Impact in Kosovo”, supported by the European Commission, Erasmus + Jean Monnet program begins

7 March 2022

The purpose of this 3-year project is to design and provide an interdisciplinary academic module on the EU’s influence in building peace, reconciliation and democratization in Kosovo.

The European Union has played a leading role in democratizing, state-building, and promoting European values in Kosovo. EU missions in Kosovo have consistently promoted peace, the rule of law, stability, prosperity and quality of life, based on the principles of inclusiveness, enabling citizens in Kosovo to be exposed to and embrace European values.

Therefore, through this course, students will understand how each of them can contribute to Kosovo, through the application of European values in the context of daily life and their professional work, to be a more democratic country in the future, thus contributing to our state’s aspirations for EU integration.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in research to analyze the EU’s impact on Kosovo’s state-building.

Students will also engage in promotional activities to spread the message that each profession can be practiced more successfully in the context of a democratic country and each of us can contribute to Kosovo being as similar as possible to European countries.