In the framework of #GEW2021, the table “Economic empowerment of women of the non-Albanian community (Roma, Ashkali, Serbian, Bosnian, Turkish, Gorani, etc.)” was held

8 November 2021

AAB College organized a roundtable discussion with women from non-Albanian communities in order to promote women’s integration and contribution to the economy of Kosovo through entrepreneurship and promotion of activities, in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (# GEW2021).

Sanija Murati, director of the NGO Lady shared with the audience the story of the creation of an NGO that aims to help women and young people find themselves in the labor market, to be trained, socialized and receive psychological advice, especially after the pandemic.

Mrs. Murati pointed out that many of the small businesses in the city, such as confectioneries, have been created thanks to the training and preparation of women by the NGO “Lady”.

She stressed that her organization is inclusive and not based on ethnic grounds. She has always been treated well by Albanians, thanks to her friendly and proactive approach to society.

Mrs. Hava Abdullahu, a successful entrepreneur and an active citizen who has helped many women integrate into society also shared an interesting and inspiring experience with the students of the Faculty of Economics. Despite the lack of education, isolation, poor financial conditions, family and social prejudices and lack of connections, she has found a way to take advantage of the opportunities for training and assistance provided by foreign NGOs and organizations and started her own business.

Kosovo RTK public television journalist Aleksandra Jovanovic, from the Serb community, also took part in the roundtable discussion, emphasizing that she sees diversity as a value and work between communities as a natural environment and that she feels integrated and accepted in society.

At the end of the speech of the panelists, the students had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss further.