Information session on anti-gypsies is held for students of AAB College

13 October 2023
An informative session on anti-gypsyism is held for the students of AAB College

Today at AAB College, an informative session on anti-gypsies was held for students by the director of the non-governmental organization “Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians”, Senad Ibishi.

The vice-rector of AAB College, Venera Llunji, who opened the session, said that such organizations emphasize the respect of the rights of communities in Kosovo. She added that Kosovar youth should treat everyone equally, without ever thinking of stigmatizing and differentiating any member of society.

Senad Ibishi, who leads the non-governmental organization “Voice of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians”, told the brief history of these three communities as well as their origins and inheritance between generations.

Ibishi also mentioned the big and disturbing problems faced by this part of society, starting from unemployment, weak economic conditions, infrastructure problems along with other social problems.

He said that society must make significant progress in these spheres in order to enjoy and guarantee equal rights and freedoms for all.