Interactive session held in AAB College’s clinical psychology laboratory

10 May 2022

Today, in the framework of the lecture on the subject “Basics of clinical psychology for children and adolescents” Prof. Mimoza Shahini held a stimulating session for second-year students with ABA therapy in coordination with the master level students of the program “Mental Health”. Dardane Bublaku and Sumeja Hoxhaxhiku oversaw the proper practice of procedures in this activity for the students.

Dardane Bublaku is an ABA therapist with more than 5 years of experience in this field, who currently works at the Center for Human Services and Development, whereas Sumeja Hoxhaxhiku works with children with special needs as an assistant with over 2 years of experience.

AAB College offers all its students a chance to develop their skills and gain practical experience, no matter the faculty.