International breast cancer awareness month – lecture organized at AAB College

17 October 2022

A lecture was held at AAB College, on the occasion of the international month of the fight against breast
cancer, which is in October. In this lecture to the students, the importance that they have in conveying
the message and notifying the family members was emphasized in order to prevent this dangerous
disease in its beginnings.
Nafije Latifi, leader of the Kosovar Center for Fighting Breast Cancer “Jeta/Vita”, who survived the fight
with this disease, said that awareness plays a big role in this battle and this time they targeted students
from AAB College, so that they share the information in time and know how to recognize the disease
and its symptoms. Dr. Ekrem Hyseni, part of the Oncology Clinic, said that the key to success is if this
disease is detected early, thus increasing the likelihood of its recovery. According to Hyseni, the
students, even though they are young and are not affected by this disease, they may have a family
member or friend who needs help and thus each of them takes responsibility on their own shoulders.
Students from AAB College asked questions about the stages of the disease, how it can be prevented
and what the first steps are to be taken while dealing with the disease.