International staff week begins at AAB College – the first day brings workshops and many activities

15 May 2023
The International Staff Week begins at AAB College - the first day brings workshops and numerous activities

With the title “Exploring Diversity” the International Staff Week has started at AAB College where, in addition to the staff from this institution, the academic and administrative staff of various universities from Belgium, Albania, Poland, Austria, Lithuania and France also participated. The purpose of organizing this week is to promote the idea of internationalization, increase the mobility of the staff and therefore share the best practices.

On the first day, the participants got to know each other through various activities, actively participating in the workshop about understanding the international experience and the factors that influence cultural competence, while they had the opportunity to present their institutions to colleagues and a group of students from Austria.

During the following days of the International Staff Week, there will be various discussions, workshops and tours, which will help the participants to get to know AAB College better, but also the Albanian culture in general.