Internship opportunity from the Academy of Law for students of the Faculty of Law

29 May 2023
Opportunity for practical work from the Academy of Law for students of the Faculty of Law

Students from the third-year bachelor’s level and the fourth-year master’s level from the Faculty of Law of AAB College are informed that the Academy of Law will offer opportunities for practical work for 3 students (free of charge). The duration of the internship is 3 months with the possibility of extension for another 3 months. Documents required for application are: CV, motivation letter and transcript of records.

To apply, you must take the application at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Law, at AAB College. The documents required for internship are attached to the application. The completed application file is submitted to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Law. The deadline for submitting applications is June 3, 2023.

Contact person: Prof. Asst. Dr. Fatmir Qollakaj

Details about the application and criteria can be found below:

Internship program – duties and responsibilities:

• Supports the Program Leader in the planning and implementation of training programs and in the smooth running of trainings;

• Provides administrative support, keeping in touch with trainers and training participants;

• Assists the Program Leader and AD trainers in designing the training program;

• Assists in the planning, organization, design, coordination and evaluation of training programs and the AD work plan, as well as prepares reports on the progress of the trainings;

• Performs other additional work as needed by the Institution.

Required Qualifications:

• The candidate must be a graduate of the Faculty of Law or a final year student;

• Have dedication and interest in learning;

• To have communication skills with parties;

• Good legal skills in drafting documents;

• Skill in using computer programs (Word, Excel, Power Point);

• Ability to work in a team;

• Knowledge of the Serbian or English language will be considered an advantage;